Fascia Release workshop

September 29, 2018

Reduce muscle pain…
The fascia in our body is much like ‘saran wrap’ that surrounds, connects, and runs through the
muscles that creates a web or chain that holds them together. This fascia can become injured,
over-stretched, bruised, and the result can be a build up of tissue, scarring, limited movement, and pain.
During this workshop we will grow an understanding of what fascia is, it’s purpose in our bodies, and how to do exercises and self massage to begin to smooth out the fascia to relieve pain.
Myofascia release is important for healing, injury prevention, and quality performance for athletes.
Date: Saturday
Time: 11:00 – about 12:45
Location: Yogachelan Studio 206 E Woodin Chelan WA
Price: $35 pre-register, $40 the day of.
Register: Please register at www.yogachelan.com or 206-818-2619
Instructor: Lynda Kennedy E-RYT, YACEP, 2 yrs Nursing , BS Kinesiology (science of human movement), BS Clinical Psychology, 1000’s of hours of teaching experience.